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Special Delivery

When I was working I found myself often having opportunities where God would open a door for conversations with people about His love for them.  People that would cross my path either in person or on the phone as I went about my day. I call these God talks and I was always so blessed and grateful when they happened. As I have entered this season where I am no longer working and am often restricted from being around a lot of people it can seem that this would happen less. Let me encourage you God will use you anywhere you are if you are willing.

Today one of those moments came as a special delivery. Since my health has been challenged I have been relying on grocery delivery services. Today a very nice lady who has brought my order a few times came to bring my groceries. God opened a door and we had a great conversation about His love. I am convinced that I walked away even more uplifted than she did.

Shortly after this conversation I headed to my appointment for my radiation treatment. I was still reveling in how God brought such a dear lady right to my door and opened the door for His love to speak to her heart. As I waited in the waiting room God opened another conversation with a young woman and her mother who are both fighting cancer. I am so amazed at the doors God has opened on this journey of battling cancer.

If we are willing to find Him in every circumstance He will always be there. In a season when I am isolated so much more than I could ever imagine and when my entire life has been turned upside I stand in awe of how He delivers such love and grace and that He wants to pour through even life and death circumstances. One thing this time has shown me is that nothing matters more than telling others that He loves them and longs for a relationship with them. I am so grateful that God brings these special deliveries to share hope in the middle of the darkness.

Hope we all continue to find special opportunities to point people to Jesus even in our most challenging days.

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