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The Battle

It is amazing to me that just ablut one year ago, after many appointments, tests etc., I was told I had stage four breast cancer that had spread to both my lungs, my right ribs, and my left hip/back. Doctors were very mindful to tell me that the best they could hope for was to get the cancer into an “inactive” state where it was no longer spreading.  And so the battle began and life became extremely different for me. It became about living every day, medicine dose, injection, test etc was to work to that goal.

I am now a year into this battle and I am blessed to say that not only has the cancer stopped spreading but the primary tumor has decreased significantly. There is still much to battle going forward but I have been and continue to stand on the fact that God said I would live and not die, that He has more for me to do here.

I cannot even begin to thank all the people who are praying for me and who lift me up, support and encourage me. In my mind it’s simple.. I would not be here without all of you. I wouldn’t have had the strength on my own to stand and fight. So many of you were there to hold up my arms in this battle and to carry me forward. Thank you is not enough to fully express the gratitude and love I have for each of you.

I know what the medical world says but I am not settling for just “living” with it. My God is all powerful and I am standing for complete healing. I know that He is the one who numbers my days. His name is the name above all names, including cancer.  So please keep standing with me because I am expecting a world shaking miracle because that is the God I serve. My prayer from the beginning is Father, in this be glorified! I pray it before every appointment, every treatment, every scan and I believe He will be. The battle is His and He has won the victory!

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