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The Breath of God

I recently saw this photo and it spoke to me deeply. So often when we don’t see things come to pass we can believe that those promises have been abandoned, left to rust much like the padlock pictured. If you have ever tried to pry open an old lock that has been exposed to the elements and left for a long period of time you know how hard it can be to open. This same principle can apply to the words God has spoken over us. When we don’t see them manifest right away it can feel like the blessing has been padlocked away and forgotten. When we look back at them all we see is rust and disillusionment. The longer we have waited the more impossible it seems. What I love about the picture is that all the while the seed of the word was inside the rusted lock awaiting the appointed time when the breath of God calls it to life. In that moment what seemed abandoned becomes reality.

If you find yourself having words that seem not to be manifesting don’t lose hope! The seed of the word is simply awaiting the breath of God to burst forth into life! God promises us that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Further we are told that He is not a man that He would lie and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Because we know this about His character we can be assured that He will not abandon His promises. He is poised to breath on them and show His goodness and kindness to you.

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