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The Journey

So lately I have been having a lot of conversations where God has been reminding me that it is never about the destination but about the journey. We can sometimes get fixated on the result that we believe God has rather than realize that He sometimes uses the steps of the journey far more powerfully than He does the result.

A few years ago God challenged me to share the story about losing someone I loved. He was killed in a car accident and the loss really crushed my future hopes and what we thought was the destination of our relationship. I felt like a widow even though we hadn’t actually married yet. A few years later I was so busy trying to give glory to God for how He restored me that I failed to look at the steps in the journey. I was trying to point people to the mountaintop moments assuring them that what God had done for me He would do for them rather than showing them how He met me in my brokenness. The result was that the mountaintop seems unattainable to people if you don’t show them the path first. We bring more glory to God when we are transparent and real on how He mends our brokenness and we make relationship with Him tangible to people. Isn’t that what we long to do in our hearts anyway? Don’t worry about getting people to a mountaintop be real and show them how a God wants to carry them through the valley!

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