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The Love Heard In The Quiet

Tonight I am sitting in the quiet thinking about the day. Today I saw a huge room of people that were each touched by a single life. It was beautiful, humbling, challenging and wonderful.

My beautiful friend Kathie lived a simple pure love for Jesus. I think she would have been in awe of all the people who came to celebrate her today. I am sure when she was met by the great cloud of witnesses as she stepped into eternity she was awed then too. As much as I grieve our separation I am so happy that she heard our precious Jesus say well done good and faithful servant.

Though I will miss her amazing smile here I know that she has an even bigger one there. Though her joyous laughter here has been quieted I know that it rings across heaven. We often joked that we were stuck together forever but we both knew it wasn’t really a joke. Some day, many many years from now, she will be there in my great cloud of witnesses and I will see her brilliant smile made even brighter by His joy.

So tonight as I sit here with tears in my eyes and a heart that misses her immensely I hear the love that God has for her and me. I think about how much I miss her and how much more God must be rejoicing to have her with Him. For as much as I loved her company and cherished her, He cherishes her even more. Tonight the quiet gently rings with the sound of love.

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