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The Seed of Potential

Recently God has been stirring a thought in my head and heart. He has been drawing my attention to His creation and how intricately He has woven His truth into all that surrounds us. Trees are the largest plants in the earth and their branches spread out to the sky in beautiful and unique ways. If we look at the X-ray image of a human lung you see similar structure branching out to help the body supply air. Why did God structure these two vastly different items with such similarities? The tree expels oxygen which we need to survive and we exhale carbon dioxide which the trees need to survive.

In looking at another example the sunflower will turn its head to follow the path of the sun which it needs for its survival. That very same flower is made up of hundreds of seeds that carry the potential for more flowers. The flower itself can not thrive without the sun and it can do nothing to produce its seeds except receive the needed supplements from its sun absorption. Likewise we need to follow the Son and can do nothing of our own strength. Though He created us with potential we must expose that potential to His power for in it He will give us everything we need to develop and distribute seeds of life.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and that you feel His abundant love for you!

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