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The Sparrow

It is easy in this world to feel overlooked and to fall into a pattern that can blur the lines of our lives. To be transparent I have found myself in one such rut lately. I found that I have allowed my life to be too filled with work and it has become a pattern where I haven’t done much outside of work. This has led me to realize I have been somewhat robotic in my life lately. Get up, work a long intense day, eat supper, clean up and go to bed. Next repeat the same steps.

These patterns are all to easy to fall into and it can start to feel like you are existing rather than living. The good news is that God says in John 10:10 that He came so that we might have life, and might have it more abundantly. It is not His intention for us to step through life in a rut that leaves us feeling exhausted and empty. No, He came that we may have life in abundance. He gives an abundance of love, an abundance of hope, and an abundance of joy. I am reminded of the verses in Matthew 6 that tell us that He sees the sparrow and that it does not work and toil but rather they receive from His hand all that they need. The most beautiful part is that He doesn’t even require them to speak their needs or ask for anything. He sees them right where they are and comes already prepared to give us what we need even if we don’t realize at the moment that we need it. If God does this for a tiny sparrow how much more will He do for us?

As we close out this Labor Day weekend I am pleased that though I had work to do God led me to set aside a good portion each day to connect with loved ones, to sit and stare at the clouds drifting overhead from the vantage point of my deck and even to take an afternoon nap. I am ending the weekend blessed by God’s loving hand and for His provision of people who journey through life with me and for times of stillness and refreshing. I am the little sparrow and He has given me all I need and He will do the same for you.

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