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The Steps In Your Journey

It can be so easy to walk through life almost without thinking. So much of our days are built on routine, but what happens when that gets stripped away? I find myself in such a season and it’s easy to bemoan what I think I have lost. It’s easy to look at all the things that are wrong. It’s easy to get bitter or angry and to just want your “normal” life back. However there are challenges that come up that change us forever. I have been walking this battlefield of cancer for a year now and it has forever changed everything for me. It’s hard to explain the real totality of that statement but nevertheless it is true. I will never get back to my “normal” life and you know what? I am glad! I am not glad I have cancer but I am glad God is using it to carve some things out of my life and to breathe life into some new things. I am glad for the perspective He is bringing me. I am glad to start to grasp just the first level of His amazing love for me.

When we face these giant life challenges it can be so overwhelming. You can’t sit and listen to a doctor say you have stage four cancer and not be overwhelmed. However it’s not just when cancer strikes, it can be any challenge. All of us have had losses, health concerns, and so many other troubles in this life that can seem just as daunting. Sometimes it can almost steal the breathe from your lungs and the strength from your legs. It is in these moments that our spirit can feel beaten but the good news is we don’t have to face these problems in our strength. We have a God who is strong when we are weak.

These life challenges can seem all consuming and it’s hard to see anything but the giant standing in front of us. In these moments I remind myself that David didn’t consider Goliath’s size or strength. It didn’t matter that Goliath towered over him or that he was a great warrior of his people. David couldn’t care less about Goliath’s strength because he was focused on the strength of His God. Because David’s eyes were not on the problem but on the One who has overcome all things.

Sometimes the hard part is that these challenges seem to rise up out of nowhere. Perhaps it is the suddenness that swamps us. My life changed in what seems like a moment, a blink of an eye. It wasn’t a slow attack but a full on assault. Though this surprised me it didn’t surprise God. He knew what I was going to face, it didn’t shock Him off His throne. It can seem to catch us unprepared but He has already been at work in us. If you are struggling with a problem that seems so overwhelming remember God has prepared you your whole life for this...your Goliath moment. You can trust that the steps of your journey may seem foreign to you but they are familiar to the One who loves you and He will lead you to victory! Just like He led David to defeat Goliath with a slingshot and a rock He will provide everything you need to defeat the giant in your life.

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