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Through the Mist

Have you ever found yourself going through a time when you feel surrounded by a fog that seems to cut off your vision? I find myself facing one of these times and I have been asking God for His perspective because I know He can see all things. While I may be surrounded by a swirling fog of mist I am not lost nor am I wandering aimlessly. It’s easy to let yourself get bogged down by the day to day of chemo, injection treatments and side effects but when I feel immobilized I remind myself that God has told me to use this season to rest and that He will take care of everything that pertains to me.  When it feels like a daily routine but no forward progress I remind myself that He can see the path and has already gone before me. All I need to do is rest in His arms. I don’t need to figure it out, seek answers, have it all together, do everything right etc. I just need to be. I just need to rest in His arms.

The mist will swirl and try to make you feel cut off but just when that happens someone stops by and lovingly shovels your driveway, or delivers a soda and stays for a visit. So many times when I feel myself starting to get caught off guard by the swirling mist of this season God sends some one along to remind me that He has everything cared for, that I am loved and that I am not facing the mist alone. I can’t even count the texts, calls, cards, acts of kindness, visits and so much more that have been poured into my life. I never see them coming but they always come just when I need them.

The beautiful thing is that this is not just for me. God promises that He is always with us if we accept His gift of Salvation. He longs to be in relationship with each and every person. His desire is to express His love in each person’s life and to shine through the mist when we face trials of any kind.

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