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Through the Window Pane

Do you ever feel like you are outside looking in through the window pane? Standing in the cold and dark being pelted by the wind and rain as you look through this window pane that seems to frame a perfect life inside? Can you imagine standing there cold, wet, alone and isolated while a lovely scene plays out before you that is filled with life, warmth and love?

So often that is what we do on social media we see these snippets of life that make it appear that everyone else has this marvelous life. We can often start to carry this over in our day to day as well. We look at people and think they have some special favor on them or that their life has no worries because they are framed in this perfect appearance of happiness. This can make us feel unworthy, not good enough because if we were we would have this perfectly framed life. A mom who is frazzled and stressed and feels like she is failing her kids looks at a mom who seems to have it all together and instantly heaps guilt, shame and condemnation on herself. A businessman is struggling to keep things together to support his family and the employees who work for him and feels like he is failing when he looks at others who seem to have found success. When we have these moments we don’t get upset with the other people we turn against our view of ourselves and we judge.

Friends I am not saying we won’t face hard times but let’s not be the one standing in the darkness comparing ourselves to others we are viewing through the window pane. Everyone, yes even those who seem so well framed in the windows of our lives, has struggles. No one has it all together or has more favor than another. God loves us all the same and if we will turn to Him He will show us how to walk in the unconditional love, grace and favor that He has for all of His children. He longs for us to come in His kingdom and to sit with Him at a feast of blessings!

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