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When You Are The One

In Matthew 18 we hear about how a shepherd left his flock of 99 sheep to seek and search for the one that was lost. The world would say that it is crazy for him to risk his entire flock by leaving them open to predators and other dangers. His entire livelihood was left open to destruction. Any predator could have come along and scattered the entire flock and killing many of them on the spot. What was God’s message in this passage? It was that He is a personal God who loves each person. He knows them and sees them even in the midst of trouble. He is willing to do whatever it takes to bring them to safety.

To the world this perspective seems odd but the perspective changes when the one He seeks out is you. When you know that even in the middle of your mess and mistakes He sees you and He chooses to come find you and restore you to Himself and to the flock. He marched right into our mess and lifts us up to His shoulders and carries us home. What a wonderful Father who loves us in the middle of our sin and doesn’t judge us but extends restoration to us.

If you feel you are in the middle of circumstances that you are unsure how to overcome know that He is right there available to lift you out and set you close to his heart. You are never alone, He is always ready to act on your behalf and there is nothing that can keep Him from you.

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