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Altars of Remembrance

Over and over across the Old Testament we see where altars were built in memory of God meeting man. God instructed them to build altars so that they could pass on to the next generation what happened in that place. Likewise, as a country, we have set aside this day to remember all those who have paid the greatest sacrifice. The Bible says that there is no greater love than when a man lays downs his life for another. As a nation we have often failed to do as they did in the Bible and pass on the meaning behind this altar of Memorial Day. Let us once again pick up the mandate to teach the next generation of the brave men and women who have given everything that we, and others, might be free.

In this growing age of entitlement and disregard it is vital that we remember and give thanks to all those who have gone before us. We dishonor their sacrifice when we dismiss the values for which they died.

This weekend I was visiting with friends and one young man was a veteran. When he was thanked for his service he was quick to share that this day was for the ones who didn't make it home. He then shared about a friend he lost in an IED explosion and asked us to pray for the family. I have heard this same response from many active service people and veterans over the years. How clearly they view Memorial Day and its purpose. It is just as clear to them as those moments where God said 'build an altar to remember what happened in this place when I met you'.

Let us take time to remember and to pass on to the next generations the reason we set aside this day. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost a loved one in the name of liberty. May God comfort and bless all those touched by this day.

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