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The Line of Eternity

We experience so much of our lives from a micro view, we are so close to events and circumstances that every challenge seems monumental. Every life detail can seem overwhelming and expectations can seem unattainable. Our life in this realm goes so fast and we race to achieve: achieve goals, ideals of happiness, success etc. So often I have counseled people who speak to me about disappointment that life isn’t going “as it should “. They are heartsick because they don’t have a successful career, they aren’t married by some artificial deadline imposed by societal and self imposed expectations, they don’t compare to their peers etc. etc. etc. My feedback to them is why are you comparing yourself? Why are you measuring yourself by some false expectations that you or others have placed? Why are you measuring your progress against some ambiguous timetable? You see we stress ourselves because we think we have a limited time to experience life. We focus on this mortal coil and pace and purpose ourselves to measure up to its so called "standard of normalcy".

The truth is that we are built for eternity. Our life span is eternal, yes we will move from earth to heaven at some point but it is not an ending but rather a beginning. When we take in the scope of what happens to us in this human existence we need to be reminded that though we are in the world we are not of it. We need to weigh these things not against this realm but against the one to come. God tells us He came to give us life abundantly; not in the “far off” supernatural future place of heaven but in the here and now. When we begin to realize that the measure of who we are has already been set in the heavenlies by the One who loves us more than anything these challenges, trials and problems will no longer loom over us as a mountain that seems insurmountable. Instead they will appear in proper perspective, an opportunity to see God move, a chance to see what He has planned and a victory that He has already ensured. When we begin to feel the pressure to “measure up” we can decree His truth that says I am more than enough. When we are reminded that “you don’t fit in” we can proclaim it’s because I was born to stand out. When we are challenged that we haven’t accomplished the right job, successful relationship, position in life etc. we can respond I am exactly where God wants me. Let’s look past the timeline of this earth and pursue the One who is beyond time and who holds us in the palm of His hand. Let’s passionately seek His plan and leave the measuring stick behind. Let’s measure only by the line of eternity and the One who rules it.

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