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7,000 Promises

Did you know that Scripture has over 7000 Promises of God toward man. That’s 7000 examples of God reaching out to connect personally with us. Over and over we see how Jesus tried to connect personally with people all throughout the New Testament. Think of Zacheus in the tree and Jesus calling him down and wanting to eat at his home. Or the Samaritan woman at the well and how Jesus used personal details to speak freedom and love into her life. This manner shows us at an intimate level that we matter to God, that he sees us.

As believers we have all been impacted by this personal love based approach. How do we carry this out to others? Walking in our Royalty is not just about our identity and freedom but about those whose paths we cross. We are to be carriers of the Kingdom. When you see the teacher at your children’s school, the clerk at the corner store, the driver who caused a fender bender by cutting you off, how do we react? What do we present to them? Is it the same loving care that drove God to reach out to us? it is for all of these people that we still walk the earth after coming to salvation. We have a calling, a destiny to take what has been done for us and live it out in the world. Let’s live it well and let’s live it loud so the world can see the full love that God has for them!

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