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Position vs. Positioned

There was never a single role in the New Testament - such as missionary, prophet or pastor - that was talked about more than two or three times. On the other hand our main identity as sons and coheirs with Jesus is found all throughout the New Testament. We spend so much time trying to be worthy of doing something for God, we worry when we are not "doing enough", when we are not "holy enough" and when we feel we don't measure up. The truth is its not about doing; its about relating to Him. He has no desire for people of position. He is not measuring us by what we do. His desire is for people's heart to be positioned toward Him. He wants to have relationship with us, this was the entire reason mankind was created in His image.

We often ascribe expectations, thoughts and feelings toward ourselves as being from God when in fact His main expectation is to know us and be known by us. I am a pretty driven person and I can often catch myself feeling pressured but when I truly sit back and examine the situation I see that these feelings aren't coming from God so much as they are coming from my own perceptions and assumptions. God is not asking me to do more, He is asking me to be with Him more. He is not asking me to scale mountains he asking me to watch the sunset with Him. He is not asking me to jump out of bed and hit the ground running. He is asking me to roll over and say 'Good Morning'.

When we embrace the freedom of just relating to Him and reveling in the love that He has for us wonderful things happen. We walk in the peace that passes understanding and are able to be truly loved and accepted just as we are. We become a conduit for His Holy Spirit to move in the hearts and lives of others. When we allow Him to fill our hearts with this amazing love it will naturally spill over onto those around us. So the very thing we pressure ourselves to "do for God" happens as a natural outflow of His Holy Spirit!

Let's not worry about our position but rather let's position our hearts to know and be known by the God who has given everything just to love us.

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