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Light in the Darkness

Have you ever stared at a full moon when it was bright gold against a pitch black sky? There are times when the night around us can seem overwhelming. Life events can rise up and press in on us. Night time is the time when our minds can spin away robbing us of peace and rest. It is often when circumstances loom large in our mind and challenge our souls. Satan is ready to capitalize on these times. His subtle lies abound in our heads and hearts and we can begin to feel isolated and alone. Circumstances can seem monumental and almost too much to deal with.

I wanted to share this because there is another perspective I believe God would have us hold on to. In those dark moments He is always with us. Even the darkness can not hide him, nor can it create uncertainty in Him. While we may stumble in the darkness or feel off balance because our vision is limited, God's sees everything. At this time of year Satan loves to emphasize the scary side of darkness. The truth is darkness is also a time of stillness, when the chaos of the day can cease and we can look to the Lord and rest in Him. We can pour out our hearts, emotions, questions and hurts. We can allow Him to minister and speak to us without the distraction of daily life.

Instead of seeing the darkness look instead at the light. God is always there even in the darkest moments shining and showing His love. When I see the moon standing against the sky I don't see something to bring fear to me. I see God saying I love you, come away with me and rest. When I feel overwhelmed by life circumstances the moon always reminds me that I am not alone. What the enemy portrays as fearful and isolating is really a beautiful time to rest in the presence of God and to see His love shine brightly just for us.

So what the enemy means to strike fear is instead such an amazing reminder that even in our darkest times God shines His light to remind us He is with us. His presence can turn the darkest moments into startling awe inspiring beauty!

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