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Jesus Carried Me

Recently I was asked to write an article as a guest writer for another Author's blog. I was so blessed by the request and said yes. She asked me to write about a time when I went through a hard time and how God brought me through. I found this a very hard article to start but then I supposed emotionally hard times always are. I am not going to share the full article here today because I felt led to write more of an encouragement to anyone who is going through such a time. There are times when life circumstances happen and they can seem overwhelming. Sometimes we don't know which ways is up, we loose our direction and it can seem like we are lost. Let me encourage you that even if you feel lost God knows exactly where you are, His eye is never off you and even though it may feel He is far of He is carrying you. The worst time of my life was when my father was taken in for emergency open heart surgery. It was so a roller coaster of emotions, lack of sleep and uncertainty. He struggled through the surgery and the long recovery. His blood pressure and heart rhythm had a difficult time stabilizing, both of which can be life ending situations. In the midst of this the man I was falling in love with was killed in a head on collision. There are many more details but the thing I want to focus on was how even in the midst of the darkest times, when the I couldn't even think I felt His loving arms. It wasn't because I spent tons of time reading my Bible, and sadly it wasn't because I had great times of prayer or worship. It was solely because He loved me. He reached into a heart wrenching, mind numbing, grief and reminded me He was there. It reminds me of that poem "Footprints in the Sand". I have always liked the imagery but now it is a very personal picture of when Jesus carried me.

If you find yourself facing these type of circumstances and you feel that you can't see God or feel Him in the midst of what you are going through; know that it may be because He is so close that He is carrying you.

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