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The Source

Through out history there has always been a spirit of exploration in the heart of man. It has driven people to cross rugged terrain, climb mountains, and seek to find new frontiers. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that God has set eternity in the hearts of man and I believe that this awareness is what drives us to explore, to question and to seek the source in our lives. If we really look into our hearts we can feel this stirring that there is more to the living of this life but perhaps we don't how to go about an exploration to find it; much like David Livingston when he explored the interior of Africa. He arrived on the continent without a specific plan other than to explore the unknown and create the first mapping of the interior. One of his big pursuits that developed in his exploration was to find the source of the Nile. I have often wondered why it was so important to him that he find the source. Surely, the fact that he located what appeared to be a thriving river was a feat in itself. As I have studied about his life I realized that the river was useless to him unless he could assure that the source was pure and clean, that it would sustain life. In present day we have lots of ways to determine if water is drinkable by using chemical tests etc. but in Livingstone's day they didn't have these. The waters of the Nile could have easily held disease, bacteria etc that would make it unsuitable. How often do we see something that on the surface looks good but we don't seek and ensure that it is good. So often we are willing to take things on surface value because we don't want to press through to find the source. Livingstone went through much physical challenge to pursue the source of the Nile. Often we say that we want to find answers to our questions but we aren't always honest enough with ourselves to press through and find the answers.

We live in an increasingly "hot and now" society where even waiting for a microwave creates impatience in us. We are not willing to pay the price but we surely want the prize. Often we read the headlines and form opinions without critically thinking through facts, we embrace sound bites and allow them to determine direction in our lives. We seek fulfillment in substances that make us 'feel better' instead of seeking the source of the stirring in our hearts. We don't always honestly look at our hearts and admit the questions, struggles and painful moments in need of healing.

The sad result of this is often we have turned to the easy solutions expecting them to fill this stirring in our lives only to be left still feeling empty. This time of year more than any other seems to magnify these disappointments and can be the cause for so much anguish. I can personally say that I have made these choices and every time I failed to find the peace that I was seeking, instead I felt even more empty, alone and lost.

There is an answer, seek the source. Press through and answer your questions and quash your doubts. The very reason God set eternity in the hearts of man was so that we would seek Him. He wanted us to know that He was there and to know the love He has for us. It says in Matthew 7:7-8 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds and to him who knocks the door will be opened." God is not seeking to be hidden from us or far off. He came as a baby so that we could be restored in relationship to God. Even in Eden the purpose of everything was to provide a place where He could walk with us, to have relationship so that we could love Him and be loved by Him. If we had a human relationship where the person pursued us with so much determination, with our good in mind and to simply love us and see us released into blessing wouldn't we receive it? Why do we then dismiss or turn away from a God who has done so much more? I encourage us all during this Christmas season to seek the source, ask our questions, truly look at our hearts and see what has kept us away from such a relationship.


On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone for following these posts. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I pray that He becomes your source if He isn't already. As one who has experienced life with and without Him I can assure you that the change is extraordinary and has fulfilled my heart in ways I didn't know was possible. I pray that this Christmas is filled with the joy of knowing how great a love God has for you.

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