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When He Breathes On A Seed

Today I got a text from someone who I haven’t seen in a long time that was reading a copy of my book The Way Attributed To Royalty. All she sent me was this photo and one word “LISA!!”

I will be honest I didn’t get it at first. Many of you know my life has been in a season of physical battle the past year and I am just now starting to get to a place where I am starting to write again. It’s been about three years since I published a book so it hasn’t been on my radar totally as I have been battling. However, when God calls you to plant a seed you never know what He is going to do.

After my first glance at her text I went back and looked again and realized she had highlighted, underlined and circled all over the pages. Then I got it! This book that has been sitting out on the market not doing much (or rather me not doing much with it presently) was changing her life. It wasn’t my words, it was His. He breathed life into it and used it to speak healing and freedom. Yep you got it I cried!

So my friends I am sharing this to encourage you. NEVER EVER think that a seed you have planted in love isn’t making a difference because all it takes is His breath for that message to spring forth in lives, even in a season you are least expecting it!

Whether it’s something you are writing, stopping to visit and encourage someone, calling someone, praying for someone,  mentoring someone, doing life with someone, whatever He is leading you to do DO IT! Plant those seeds don’t worry about the outcome for He has that well in hand. Don’t worry about the return on your investment or when or how you expect the seed to make an impact. Just SOW.

Blessings to each of you and keep sowing those seeds of love for at the appointed time the harvest will be great!

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